Wednesday, June 22, 2011

busy as a beeeeeeee!

Tylers brother married his high school sweet heart this past weekend at a beautiful venue in Brandon, MS. What a fantastic weekend it was! I can't wait to share some of the pictures, and there are LOTS! =)

Here are a few pre-wedding snaps!

my sweet pea at the rehearsal dinner

The happy couple {pre-wedding}

the wedding party

In other news:

Are you ready for this????? You know that diet I started a while back? Yeah, well, I hit a 22 pound total loss this week! WOOHOO!!! Gotta keep on keepin on! =)

Like I've said a thousnad times before... don't delete me! I'll be back! This is just a crazy season! Miss all of you guys!!!!!

Check out my Soulshine tab up top to see my recent photos! =)

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