Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We're taking Caroline to New Orleans next week so I found this to be appropriate for SWW! =) We go often, and discover new things every time! If you have suggestions on what to take her to do, suggest away!! I'd love to know your faves! Happy Wednesday ya'll!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Ok y'all! This could get long! We're on our way home Jackson, MS where we had Christmas with my inlaws. We had a great time as usual, but there's no place like home!

Wednesday was our office Christmas party! We ate lunch and my dad (the boss) always does a big gift giveaway, (ie, tools, battery chargers, gift cards out the wazoo, etc..) i got a knife set and a gift card to applebees! Here are a few pics from that:

This is dad with his Santa shirt my sister got for him! And his tool belt full of gift cards!

Family and friends at the party and of course Keller!

Then Thursday, we had Christmas with my parents, breakfast then gifts! We had a blast watching Keller opening her gifts! She's such a mess! Loved the tissue paper!

Santa came to gramma and papas house!

More pics to come.. These are just what I have on my phone!

Thursday evening we got on the road to Jackson.

Keller is conked out!

We made it by midnight, we were in bed by 1:00, slept til 10:00.
Had some pancakes

got out for some fantastic pizza at a place called Sal & Mookies! Yum!!! Seriously y'all.. That stuff was awesome!

Then it was off to do a little shopping at Highland Village before they closed! I wanted k make sure to get Caroline a piece of pottery from Mississippi! :-) found some great stuff at Turkoyz!

Then home to visit with family, have dinner, visit some more and go to bed to get ready for Santa! Well, we got in bed around 11:ish then Keller was up at 2:00 with I'm guessing tummy trouble. :-( we got her better and back to sleep and she slept for a good while!

Anywho, she woke up, santa had made a stop so we opened gifts! Just a few phone photos of what was under the tree! Mommy got a new wedding band and daddy got a new guitar! I have full tree pics on the camera... Another day.. :-)

We spent the afternoon with family, eating, opening gifts, just hanging out!

So glad to be almost home though!

More soon!!! I hope all of you had a blessed Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All wrapped up!

All Wrapped Up!

I love hat boxes! I get these at Hobby Lobby! I shop for people throughout the year so these make it nice to stick all of their gifts in to open at once! =)

Tissue paper and ribbon! I ran out of tape...had to make do!

My favorite kind of wrapping...when the shop I got the gift does it for me! =)
As far as my favorite Christmas gift... I dunno... I love all of the gifts I have received! Christmas takes on a whole new meaning when there's a child involved! I'd rather see her open things for her than myself! It's so funny to hear the huge gasp when she opens her gifts!
It truly is better to give than to receive! I really do my best to purchase things that I truly tink people will like. I really try to put some thought into it! Like this year, I'm getting my husband a HA! You thought I was gonna tell didn't you?!!!??! NOPE! =)
Last year I gave my hubby a macbook pro that he'd been wanting. I wrapped it in a 50" tv box! Yes, he was totally shocked! I try my best to surprise him since I don't get to do so very often.. This is about the only time of year I can get it past him! I love the amazement in his eyes when he opens his whatchamacallit!
My dad is the HARDEST person to buy for.. We waited until the 11th hour this year because we absolutley could not think of anything that we could get him. =/ DISLIKE.
Everyone else, however, is pretty darn easy and give pretty darn good hints! =)
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Monday, December 20, 2010

The weekend in review

Ok girls... Ya'll have GOT to check this book out!!! HYSTERICAL!

Having dinner at Big Time Diner! Such a big girl!

In awe of the Christmas tree... =)

HAving lunch at San Miguel.. Tyler orders a fried ice cream for energy while shopping.. can I get an amen?! =) But first, BRIBERY! (at it's best!)

Target was on our list for groceries...and toys.. =)

She found what Santa is going to bring! She was so cute pushing this all over the store!

Now, on to the miscellany...

1.) I still have no voice..

2.) We had our extended family Christmas this past Saturday, it over. =)

3.) Caroline from France is coming Thursday night! (We're goign out of town Friday and Saturday, so we'll see her Sunday!) Any ideas on what to take her to do in the south?! HELP! I was thinking maybe NOLA?! =)

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Fun Phone Photo Friday!

Merry Christmas from Hardy! =)

The sky one day this week on the way to work. It's the little things! Well, big really! =) It's amazing how much you miss these kinds of things when you're cooped up in a house for several days with a sick baby!

I had to take Keller to the dr this week.. She has her first ear infection at 17 months! Not to bad huh?! The doctor was pretty impressed that she's gone this long! =) Anywho, this is her having a cookie in the waiting room!
And ya'll, if you use facebook or as I like to call it rantbook, go check out this blogs last post! It will crack ya'll up!! Very well stated! =)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where I spend most of my day...

I thought I'd give you a small tour of my world 9 hours a day! My little slide of the office! I've had the privilege and opportunity to work for the family business (Metro Glass) since I was 15 years old! (I'm now 28 as of Monday) I started out doing miscellaneous filing, etc.. I now do all of the bookkeeping, contract billing, and whatever else needs to be done at the current moment! Everyone always asks, "How is it working with your dad?" Well, since I don't live at home anymore, it's an opportunity that I don't take for granted to be able to see he and mom on a daily basis! (mom keeps Keller) It's actually a great job and working with him isn't dificult at all! Not to mention he's not really in the office as much now days. Anywho, here's a look at my office! I chad everything done and ready to dig in to billing all of our contracts, so the last pic is what came along after I took the "clean office" pics! =)

This is the back wall of my office. The three pics are some I took while in NYC a few years ago. Of course we can't leave out the purse and a shopping bag! ;-)

Diagonal view! Kinda boring if you ask me! My office has glass walls on 2 sides so I don't have much picture hanging space..

This is what I look at all day! Of course pictures of Keller are everywhere! Coffee! And the little pink box is my iHome phine charger, speaker for my music! And the greenery behind my computer are my paperwhites that are thriving!! =)

And last but not least the contracts to bill NOW! Gotta get to work!
I need sinus medicine.. My family has been sick for going on 2 weeks now.. Keller has her first ear infection at 17 months. =( We went all this time without one thank yo Jesus, but it makes me hurt to know she hurts! I'll be glad when everyone is up to par again! Tonight is chill night and tomorrow, pending how Keller feels, we're heading over to Bass Pro to have Keller's pic made with Santa and eat at Islamorada with the fam for a late birthday dinner! Yumm-O! I originally wanted to go to The Bull, but I'd like to do the pic with Santa more! =) Anything for sweet KB! (although she'd probably rather NOT see Santa.. )