Monday, December 20, 2010

The weekend in review

Ok girls... Ya'll have GOT to check this book out!!! HYSTERICAL!

Having dinner at Big Time Diner! Such a big girl!

In awe of the Christmas tree... =)

HAving lunch at San Miguel.. Tyler orders a fried ice cream for energy while shopping.. can I get an amen?! =) But first, BRIBERY! (at it's best!)

Target was on our list for groceries...and toys.. =)

She found what Santa is going to bring! She was so cute pushing this all over the store!

Now, on to the miscellany...

1.) I still have no voice..

2.) We had our extended family Christmas this past Saturday, it over. =)

3.) Caroline from France is coming Thursday night! (We're goign out of town Friday and Saturday, so we'll see her Sunday!) Any ideas on what to take her to do in the south?! HELP! I was thinking maybe NOLA?! =)

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  1. love the NOLA idea!! What if I pay you to take a day off during the week? : ) We can go over and have a girls day!

  2. I am definitely gonna look for that book! :)

    Just be sure to take her for some sweet tea and REAL BBQ!