Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All wrapped up!

All Wrapped Up!

I love hat boxes! I get these at Hobby Lobby! I shop for people throughout the year so these make it nice to stick all of their gifts in to open at once! =)

Tissue paper and ribbon! I ran out of tape...had to make do!

My favorite kind of wrapping...when the shop I got the gift does it for me! =)
As far as my favorite Christmas gift... I dunno... I love all of the gifts I have received! Christmas takes on a whole new meaning when there's a child involved! I'd rather see her open things for her than myself! It's so funny to hear the huge gasp when she opens her gifts!
It truly is better to give than to receive! I really do my best to purchase things that I truly tink people will like. I really try to put some thought into it! Like this year, I'm getting my husband a HA! You thought I was gonna tell didn't you?!!!??! NOPE! =)
Last year I gave my hubby a macbook pro that he'd been wanting. I wrapped it in a 50" tv box! Yes, he was totally shocked! I try my best to surprise him since I don't get to do so very often.. This is about the only time of year I can get it past him! I love the amazement in his eyes when he opens his whatchamacallit!
My dad is the HARDEST person to buy for.. We waited until the 11th hour this year because we absolutley could not think of anything that we could get him. =/ DISLIKE.
Everyone else, however, is pretty darn easy and give pretty darn good hints! =)
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  1. those hat boxes are so pretty. i love when i can give a gift in a box that the person can keep.

  2. I love those hat boxes! So cute!

  3. Ok so this is the 3rd blog that I didn't know linked up! I am seriously loosing it. I can't understand how. I was wondering where you have been!!

    FIVE GOLD MONKEYS?? Is that mine? lol

    Those hat boxes are such a cute & great idea!

    Thanks for linking up -
    hope your having a great day:)

  4. Beautiful wrapping!

    Merry Christmas!