Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where I spend most of my day...

I thought I'd give you a small tour of my world 9 hours a day! My little slide of the office! I've had the privilege and opportunity to work for the family business (Metro Glass) since I was 15 years old! (I'm now 28 as of Monday) I started out doing miscellaneous filing, etc.. I now do all of the bookkeeping, contract billing, and whatever else needs to be done at the current moment! Everyone always asks, "How is it working with your dad?" Well, since I don't live at home anymore, it's an opportunity that I don't take for granted to be able to see he and mom on a daily basis! (mom keeps Keller) It's actually a great job and working with him isn't dificult at all! Not to mention he's not really in the office as much now days. Anywho, here's a look at my office! I chad everything done and ready to dig in to billing all of our contracts, so the last pic is what came along after I took the "clean office" pics! =)

This is the back wall of my office. The three pics are some I took while in NYC a few years ago. Of course we can't leave out the purse and a shopping bag! ;-)

Diagonal view! Kinda boring if you ask me! My office has glass walls on 2 sides so I don't have much picture hanging space..

This is what I look at all day! Of course pictures of Keller are everywhere! Coffee! And the little pink box is my iHome phine charger, speaker for my music! And the greenery behind my computer are my paperwhites that are thriving!! =)

And last but not least the contracts to bill NOW! Gotta get to work!
I need sinus medicine.. My family has been sick for going on 2 weeks now.. Keller has her first ear infection at 17 months. =( We went all this time without one thank yo Jesus, but it makes me hurt to know she hurts! I'll be glad when everyone is up to par again! Tonight is chill night and tomorrow, pending how Keller feels, we're heading over to Bass Pro to have Keller's pic made with Santa and eat at Islamorada with the fam for a late birthday dinner! Yumm-O! I originally wanted to go to The Bull, but I'd like to do the pic with Santa more! =) Anything for sweet KB! (although she'd probably rather NOT see Santa.. )

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  1. Good luck with Santa pictures! I can't wait to see sweet K and the big man! We're going to attempt the Santa thing on Saturday. Crossing my fingers for a short line and a Happy Jack!

    That's so nice that you get to work for your dad and your mom keeps Keller!

    Hope yall are feeling better soon.