Monday, December 13, 2010

Miscellany Monday

(1) Stayed home today (on my birthday mind you) to take care of a sick baby.. Nowhere else I'd rather be than with that sweet girl, whether it's my birthday or not! We napped, watched movies, and played! It was a great girl day since I haven't seen her since Friday morning!

(2) Tyler and I had a fantastic weekend in Destin! Tyler's company does an annual Christmas trip and it's normally to Sandestin. It was quite refreshing! We slept in, ate some great food (PF Changs, Acme Oyster House, Another Broken Egg, and Jim N Nicks BBQ! whoa!) and shopped 'til we dropped! Thanks so much to my fabulous mom who kept sweet Keller for us!

(3) Since I was home all day with Kell bell, Tyler stopped at Zea's and got me some hummus to go and did the grocery store thing! After we had eaten dinner and while I was taking photos for my link up tomorrow, he came in singing happy birthday with a little cake! =) Keller says "happy happy to you!" I love my family! -- and my neighbor came over today and brought me a couple of big rice krispy treats that she and her oldest son made with a lit candle in them!

(4) Mama got a little somethin somethin while shopping yesterday! =)

(5) I'm sitting here typing as my daughter decides to show a little interest in the Christmas tree.. uh oh.. She pulled a cloisonne snowman off of the tree and walked over and said "snowman!" All I could do was laugh. Probably not the best reaction, seeing as how she is now sitting by the tree, holding the snowman, looking at the tree then looking at me.

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