Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Thursday!

All are back to at least 90% at the White House! Hallelujah! Parise the Lord! =) I oh so hate being sick! (Come to think of it, who really likes it?!) Anywho, things are getting done today! My package for my ornament swap partner is going out today via UPS! WOOHOO!!! There's a little something extra in there! I sure hope Mr. Brown keeps the package in tact!

I just had to snap a couple of shots of my sweet baby girl when she woke up this morning! Love these new polka dot jammies! She's just the cutest thing walking around all over the place in these things! And look at how tall she is in the next pic!! OMG! She's growing like a WEED! Ya'll my hubby is 6'4! geez, time flies! =)
Oh! And lookie lookie! I GREW A PLANT! Ha! I do not have a green thumb. Thank goodness these don't require too much TLC! I bought this little package thing at T. J. Maxx a few weeks ago for $9.99. I thought, what the heck..I'll give it a shot! So I planted the bulbs as the instructions indicated. AND THEY GREW! I got to work this morning and they were blooming!!! =)


  1. Yay for your package going out and how lucky to have an extra something in there! Hope your package fairs better than one of mine did!

    Have a great one!

  2. Hey Jennifer! Good to hear from you! I'm great.. just enjoying being a mommy-it is the GREATEST!

    Keller is adorable! I love seeing her pictures on facebook.

    And I love that plant... I usually kill my house plants;) Hope you and Tyler are doing well!

  3. Precious pictures of Keller in her polkadot jammies! Your plant looks great too!