Monday, December 27, 2010

Ok y'all! This could get long! We're on our way home Jackson, MS where we had Christmas with my inlaws. We had a great time as usual, but there's no place like home!

Wednesday was our office Christmas party! We ate lunch and my dad (the boss) always does a big gift giveaway, (ie, tools, battery chargers, gift cards out the wazoo, etc..) i got a knife set and a gift card to applebees! Here are a few pics from that:

This is dad with his Santa shirt my sister got for him! And his tool belt full of gift cards!

Family and friends at the party and of course Keller!

Then Thursday, we had Christmas with my parents, breakfast then gifts! We had a blast watching Keller opening her gifts! She's such a mess! Loved the tissue paper!

Santa came to gramma and papas house!

More pics to come.. These are just what I have on my phone!

Thursday evening we got on the road to Jackson.

Keller is conked out!

We made it by midnight, we were in bed by 1:00, slept til 10:00.
Had some pancakes

got out for some fantastic pizza at a place called Sal & Mookies! Yum!!! Seriously y'all.. That stuff was awesome!

Then it was off to do a little shopping at Highland Village before they closed! I wanted k make sure to get Caroline a piece of pottery from Mississippi! :-) found some great stuff at Turkoyz!

Then home to visit with family, have dinner, visit some more and go to bed to get ready for Santa! Well, we got in bed around 11:ish then Keller was up at 2:00 with I'm guessing tummy trouble. :-( we got her better and back to sleep and she slept for a good while!

Anywho, she woke up, santa had made a stop so we opened gifts! Just a few phone photos of what was under the tree! Mommy got a new wedding band and daddy got a new guitar! I have full tree pics on the camera... Another day.. :-)

We spent the afternoon with family, eating, opening gifts, just hanging out!

So glad to be almost home though!

More soon!!! I hope all of you had a blessed Christmas!

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