Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the Season!

Well, I'm still not feeling up to par.. sinus junk I think.. =/ But the show must go on! I hate I don't have very many good camera pics! I take sooo many pics with my iphone it's pathetic! Anywho, it's Home Tour Tuesday! Go take some pics and link up at Flip Flops & Pearls or Webbisodes!

Ya'll, I have SO MANY Christmas decorations, but couldn't put most of them out because I sure didn't want them broken with Keller on the move nowdays! So, enjoy the few that you see! =)

The top of our Christmas tree! I've done the angel, star, bow thing on the top of the tree and nothing ever satisfied me, so an oversized santa hat did the trick! I found this at Stein Mart last year and LOVE IT! =)

Everytime Keller sees the tree she gasps and says "Oh, pretty..." =)

A cloth nativity set I found at the Christmas Jubilee this year! I sat down with her when I got it out and explained who everyone was. Two days later she was playing with it and got out baby Jesus and yelled "Baby Jesus!!" and promptly gave him a kiss! Sweet girl..

And thanks to Shannon over at Webbisodes... LOVE THIS!!! I didn't know this even existed! Keller loves it too!

Hopefully my husbands actions don't confuse this poor kid! lol! She WILL have a sense of humor!

A bottom of the tree shot! (over coffee, with the phone..)

Yes! My Christmas cards are going out today!!! Be jealous, be very jealous!! Hehehe!! Go here to see what they look like!

My little chalkboard entry sign and my grandmothers old Santa. I love putting out her old decorations. I.cry.every.time.I.get.them.out... =/ Miss them. There is a Mrs. Claus that goes with this, but it didn't make it out of the box I guess.. This table gets very cluttered..

The very best gift of all! My sweet KB!

A few of the ornaments on our tree! Not 1 is alike!

These are some from my Nana's Christmas stuff! I remember putting these on her tree as a little tyke!

My mantle. I couldn't find Keller's stocking. =( Must get her a new one, but can't find any I like. If you have any suggestions, please say! I would love to get all of us new ones.. The painting is another one of moms! Love it!

Our side entrance:

This now adorns the front door! A friend made it for me as a hostess gift for our party last weekend! I haven't done anything to the front except put this on the door. I'm slacking this year on the exterior bit! It's so darn cold right now! My hubby has been feeling bad for the past week so I sure didn't want him out putting up the lights and I don't want any part of the cold!

Just a little sidenote! If you have a little one these things are HILARIOUS! You push their belly and they say Oh in different tones! Then after about 30 seconds, when you think it's done, it says goodnight in a hideous gremlin voice and scares the bejesus out of you! lol! Keller has a pretty good gremlin voice and says it just like this thing! We got her another one for Christmas! Too funny!

I posted a good breakfast casserole recipe a couple of weeks back! It would be fabulous for Christmas morning!! =)


  1. You just might be missing your wreath in a few days since we share the same last initial! Love that!

    How cute is K sitting all by the tree and the fact that she says "pretty..." Melt my heart for real!

    Thanks for linking up, friend! Hope your Tuesday is going well!

  2. Girl! Go get you a "W" at Hobby Lobby and attach it! That's what I did! I actually had a lady that lives in our neighborhood ask me in JULY where I got it! We were sitting out in our front yard having a picnic with Keller, and I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't still hanging on the door! lol! She said she thought it would have been to stalkerish to knock on the door and ask!

  3. OMGAWD! I swear I committed!!! WTHeck!! I love it...isn't it funny,,,,we have $1000 cameras and use a flippin iPhone??

    YAY you have your cmas cards!!! I need a flippin picture!! I stink! LOL

    I just heart lil Keller! Everything loooks great Jen! We must get together soon! Thanks so much for playing along sweetie! XO

  4. Your tree is beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  5. Love the picture of K looking at the lit tree. I love to see the wonder in the kids' eyes at Christmas! Just precious!

    I am very jealous your cards are in the mail! Ughhh - I really need to get it together!

    Have a great week!

  6. You are soooooooo your mother's daughter!!! xoxo, mom