Monday, November 23, 2009

My sweet pea!

Raising up like a big girl!

My little bug is growing so fast! She's now 4 months old! Well, and a few days.. She's been so much fun! She's learning how to sit up by herself and when I lay her on her tummy, she lifts herself up and kicks her legs like crazy! She smiles all the time and loves to hear herself make noise. She absolutely LOVES football! The other day, I set her in her bouncy seat while I went to clean the bathrooms. She was watching a movie and being really quiet. Tyler walked through and changed the channel to a football game and she was still pretty quiet. Well, once they kicked off things changed! She squealed, kicked and yelled the entire game! She absolutely loves it! I have never had so much fun in my entire life! The first few weeks were a bit of an adjustment, but since then it's been nothing but a joy. When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is smile, and just before she goes to sleep at night she's smiling! It's so wonderful to have such a happy baby! I look forward to every milestone every day! I bought her her first pair of blue jeans at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago and they have to be the cutest things I've ever seen! I can't wait to spend 4 whole days with her for Thanksgiving! I look forward to 5:00 everyday just to be able to see her! Am I infatuated? YES! She's my heart! I can't imagine loving anything more!

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  1. Jen, this blog is gonna be priceless when she is old enough to read it!!! Just can't get enough of her!! mom