Thursday, April 7, 2011

the d word..

Ok, so Wednesday started the dreaded "D" word. You know what I'm talking about... Yeah you do... Don't shake your head.. the diet... There, I said it. It's a lifestyle change, not the "D" word, right??! First starts ketosis. a weeks worth. I will live on grilled, baked, broiled chicken for a week all the while drinking gallons of H2O. Daph, I'm gonna need one of those coolio water bottles! Please share again where you got it! I will be ever so grateful. Exercise starts too. It's been way too long since I've actually "exercised." Seriously.way.too.long. Anywho, it all started on Wednesday. I'm going to try to keep up with a diet tab on here soon, so be on the lookout if you are of any interest! Wish me luck! This is it!


  1. CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!! Ok, no carb diet? Look up Medi Weight Loss. It's somewhere in Mobile. It's all no carb, etc. I know someone who is doing it & having HUGE success! KUDOS to you sweetie!

    On another note, the bottle is called HYDRACOACH. Google and find the cheapest place. That's what I did. I actually ended up getting mine from an eBay shop.

    Good Luck again & I am so excited to see this journy:)


  2. Good luck, J! Just find something that you can stick with. I know too many people doing some sort of a crash diet and though they may lose initially it all comes back and then some. Love that you said "Lifestyle" change...attagirl!

    Thinking of you. Call me if you wanna run with me and GG!


  3. I've been working out at Studio Fitness on Schillenger (or however it's spelled!) and it's awesome! It's all classes and all women! I could use a workout buddy!