Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend in review!

Ok, so I've really had absolutely NO time to do any kind of blog posts lately.. Sorry guys.. I'm really trying to get better about this, but this season is CUH-RAZY! I know I've said it a thousand times already, but just get over it, ok! Thanks! Here's our weekend in review!

Saturday we had a girls day! Me, Keller and my friend Lindsay went and gallavanted around town while my hubs went to Leakesville to help with the tornado relief.

First stop: Moe's Original BBQ, Daphne. Yum. They gave Keller some sidewalk chalk so that kept her pretty busy!

Next stop: Windmill Market, Fairhope. Stopped in and got a couple of gifts and let Keller dance to the music!

Next stop: Splash Pad, Spanish Fort! She LOVED it!!!

And to bribe her away from the splash pad so us girls could shop around a little all it took was a cookie! =)

A little something I picked up at my favorite store, Objects!

Ok, so seriously ya'll.. Check this out, buy it and listen! It's fabulous! This girl lives in Mobile, and I just love her style!

Our very first scraped knee! She fell walking into church Sunday, she fussed for about 2 seconds and shook it off! Such a big girl!

Sunday lunch downtown! It was pretty yummy!

One of my dad's tarpon fishing excursions framed and hanging in the Tarpon Room at Wintzells! That's him kneeling on the right!

Zonked out Sunday afternoon!

We're going to the MSU vs. South Alabama baseball game tonight! We didn't have time to find her a t-shirt so Tyler got the stuff last night while I was in class and made her one! Such a good daddy! We're gonna have to get on to her paw paw for not keeping her MSU wardrobe up to date! geez... =) Now, some of you may know, I graduated from South Alabama, however never really got into the sports aspect. Tyler's family all went to MSU, so that's ho we're rooting for!

Oh, ya'll have GOT to try a fabulous restaurant out in West Mobile, if you haven't already.. The Hungry Owl.. Seriously, good.

Playing on the bed while daddy made her t-shirt!

I'll be back soon, I promise!!! Until then, have a fabulous week!

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  1. I love Objects too! Where is the Hungry Owl located? Is it a burger place?