Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The weekend smorgasboard

What a fun weekend!

First of all, ROLL TIDE! As you know, Bama won the national championship game! And what a game it was! They shut out LSU 21-0! Roll tide roll!!

This past weekend was full of adventures! Friday night, we had what Tyler likes to call "craft night." This means I have somewhat of a crafty project that involves use of he and his tools.. =) He was a HUGE help in the making of my photo props for Saturdays shoot! (Nothing like waiting til the last minute, right??!) Anywho, we made some really big initials out of foam that turned out fab! Check out the 'Featured Shoot' at to see our handy work come to life! So proud!

After we were done with the main letters and while I was slapping a coat of paint on them, Tyler built Keller an airplane! She was stoked! They went outside and flew it a while too!

Saturday's shoot went FABULOUSLY! We drove all over Mobile for this one! It was an absolute blast!! Seriously, go check out the website!!!

Sunday, Keller and I played hookie from church and got some things done around the house.. Here are a few shots of her being silly!

When Tyler got home, we decided to go shoot our guns. So, as we were getting things together, Keller came across the safety glasses.. And had to try them on!

And, then we went to shoot! What a blast! This was the first time I had ever shot a gun. period. I loved it! We spent a few hours out there since a wonderful family friend said she would watch over the munchkin for a bit!

You know the list I posted last week? 30 things to do before I'm 30? Yep, shooting my gun was one of them! =) Markin' things off ya'll! Woot!

We got home, and while we were watching the Broncos beat the Steelers (Go TEBOW!), Keller got her car stuck in her hair. So, hence the first "cutting something out of Kellers hair" experience.. =) Funny thing is you can't even tell!

I hope this day finds you blessed, friends! I know I am! God is my healer!

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