Friday, January 20, 2012

Whirlwind of a week..

Our crazy week is finally getting a little back to normal.. Whew!

Here's the play by play:

I took Keller to the doctor Tuesday because she had been running a pretty high temp for a couple of days, coughing like crazy (to the point she was waking up in the middle of the night to sit up and couh), runny nose, etc etc..

The doctor on call did a flu test, strep test, blood count and checked her out. His determination was it was a virus that just needed to run its course. I was told to alternate Tylenol/Motrin to keep her temp down.

Around 2:00 the following day, 104 fever again. Made another appointment to see a different doctor at 3:00 that day. She checked her out, did an RSV test, checked her oxygen count, and sent her for chest x-ray's. Her oxygen count was low so they did a breathing treatment before they sent us to x-ray.

She slept the majority of the waiting time..

Waiting to go back for her x-ray

They determined after all of the testing that she tested positive for RSV and had patchy pneumonia in both lungs. She was given an antibiotic shot and sent home with a breathing treatment machine, 2 prescriptions and a follow up appointment time for the following morning to determine if she was getting better or needed to be admitted.

Daddy stopped to get her meds and discovered a sweet bear named "cub" that needed to come live with us.. =)

Here's K with her breathing machine.

After her appointment Thursday morning, it was determined that she was looking good! She was fever-free and her oxygen count was up from 93 to 97.

92 and below = hospitalization, 96 and above = normal.

Thank you Jesus!

The princess set was a prize from our sweet doctor and nurse that took good care of us!

Thank you Ms. Tina and Dr. Wood!!!

She finally got her appetite back last night!

Today, so far she's had normal temps and has had a decent appetite. We are so thankful for all of your prayers for our sweet girl to bounce back from this nasty sickness.

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  1. Gramma's so glad she's feeling better. Makes my heart hurt when she feels bad ... just like it did when you and Lindsay were little. Heck even now it makes my heart hurt. :( Give Punkin Head a hug for me when you get home!