Monday, February 27, 2012


In case you didn't know...

We'll be having another baby in October! Keller is super excited that she's going to be a big sister! (although I'm pretty sure she has no idea what she's in for!) ha! Anywho, Our due date is October 18th! Woot!

So, this pregnancy has been about the same, except last time I was sick before I knew. This time I knew, and thought 'YES! NO SICKNESS!!' Um, no. It hit me like a ton of bricks last Thursday, which was, thankfully, the same day as my doctors appointment so I could get her to prescribe me some anti-nausea meds.. They seem to be getting the job done for the most part. The only drawback this past weekend has been sinus drainage that has made me feel yuck right along with everything else. I went to the Urgent Care by our house and the doc said I have sinusitis. yuck. Hopefully I'll be back to 'normal' whatever that is, soon.. Nausea is enough.. This on top of it, no thanks.

I go back to the doctor this Thursday for the first ultrasound! I might see if she can give me a little something extra to knock this junk out! blech..

Ok, so on eof my 30 before 30 things was to cook my way through a cookbook. All cooking by me has ceased until I'm no longer nauseated. I have a ton that I've uploaded pics but I still have to put the recipes in, so... soon. =) I'm too tired for that right now. ;-) I know... excuses excuses.. Tyler said something the other night to the tune of 'I'm looking at something online right now..' my response.. 'well, I'm growing another human..' teehee! Milk it baby! ha!

I'm really going to try to do better about documenting things along the way, so bear with me.. I said 'try' ok?! I'm terrible about that kinda stuff. We shall see!


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  1. CONGRATS!!!! And you are right she has no idea what she is in for.