Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

It's been FOREVER since I've done an update.  I keep promising I'll get better, but I think I'm getting worse at keeping up!  AHH!!  =)  I added a few recipes over the summer, but the last real family update was back in February when we announced we were having another baby!  Well, the countdown is on, we have 8 days to go!  Sweet Harper is scheduled to make her debut on October 16th!  Keller is super excited!  She talks about her all the time!  Here's a quick peek at Harpers nursery! 
Fall is the time of year when I LOVE to get in the kitchen!  See below!  Ha!  Keller, my little 'pioneer woman' loves it just as much as I do, I think!  She always wants to pull up a chair and help!

Our pumpkin patch excursions!  We bought our pumpkins at a local nursery then went to one of the local church's pumpkin patches to take pictures.  We would normally buy our pumpkins there, but they've gotten a little outrageous with their prices..  =/  Keller did pick out a little one from there.

4 years worth of pumpkin patch pictures!  She's growing TOO FAST!!

This was a quick shot on the way out the door to go grab lunch with gramma & Arly!  Keller loved the yellow mums!


  1. The nursery is so cute. And Keller is adorable in that dress.

  2. All giddy with the anticipation of adding another granbaby girl!!!! mom

  3. What a wonderful blog. The pictures and events are beautiful! Love the recipes!! I think Harper's nursery is excellent..I want that room in my home!! Your family is gorgeous and that brown dog looks absolutely huggable!! Do you adopt elders? Im easy going and not quirky and have minimal baggage tee hee hee oh yea and I think your mama is a pretty special lady too! Can't wait to see Harper and know youre in my thoughts and prayers daily!!