Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A sad day at the White house...

After a 2 month struggle with lymphoma we had to put our baby boy Bailey (a 4 year old black lab) to rest. He was the sweetest dog ever and absolutely perfect for us. We tried everything we knew possible, including chemo, but after a month that began to have a negative effect. He always had the sweetest temperament. In his last couple of weeks with us he was inside so we could keep him comfortable. He endured some tail pulling and playful smacks from Keller and never once acted aggravated by them! He often got her dinner leftovers as she threw them to him out of her high chair and said "Bay Bay!"
After leaving the vets office (George County Vet in Lucedale in which we HIGHLY recommend) we took him home and buried him, grabbed some lunch and spent the rest of the day together. We decided to stop in Hobby Lobby on the way to get groceries where Tyler decided to get Keller a small stuffed black dog in which she now refers to as Bay Bay. It breaks my heart to know that she won't grow up with him.. Eventually we'll get another puppy although I'm not sure when. It might be a while.. This is the second dog we've lost in the past year. (both black labs) Good old Skillet had a heart attack a few months back out of the blue while playing with Bailey in the back yard.
We are deeply saddened by our loss... Here are a few pictures of him back in his healthy days! We'll miss you buddy...

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