Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday!

I'm so glad this is ALMOST wordless... =) Here are a few of the photos from the past week! A few from Christmas at Tylers parents, New Years, Caroline's visit, etc! I so HATE that Caro is traveling back to France on Saturday... =( Next time she comes and I pray it's not 12 years from now, we're going to plan something fun! I PROMISE!!! I will know a few months in advance and we'll plan a trip! She came all the way from France and will only go as far as NOLA this trip! Next time maybe she'll get to stay longer and we can take a week trip to NYC or take a road trip to the Carolina's! Man, this couple of weeks has been too short! Anywho, here are a few photos from this past week!
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The guys at the house on NYE

Keller giving gramma sugar!

Caro having her FIRST EVER cupcake!

Keller's (and Caro's) first trip to McGuire's! The first time I went was when I was preggo with the munchkin!

Tyler, his brother Josh and his cousin Elliott with their grandparents!

silly giggles!

Oh my!

Tyler cooking some oysters for NYE!

Love these new kicks that gramma got her!

NYE cupcakes! Nothing like ringing in the new year with something sweet! =)


  1. I know I always say this, but Keller is just adorable! I want to eat those little cheeks up!

    I love the red converse too!

  2. OMGAWD...look at those converse!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    Her expressions kill me:)

    Her first should have taken her to Pollmans & ButterCream Dreams!

    Thanks for linking up!
    xo D