Monday, January 10, 2011


I was truly inspired this past Sunday... Late Friday night I heard of a family friends mother/wife passing after a long battle with cancer.. This broke my heart. Her middle daughter is a year older than myself.. I couldnt imagine being in her shoes.

Sunday we got to church, started the worship service and I noticed her two daughters were there. Smiling, hugging those that had already heard of their mothers home going, laughing with friends, rejoicing that she was pain free. It brought tears to my eyes. The oldest daughter walked by and I reached out for a hug. She smiled, I cried. I thought, wow... I would be a total basketcase. What a representation of God's peace that we've all been praying over that family for the past 2 days! Then, her husband walked in, laid down his bag and bible, proceeded to walk to the altar since the music had already begun. He is a permanent fixture at the altar of our church when worship is going on. He made his way to the altar and began to jump and worship and praise God. By now tears were streaming from my eyes. Again, a true representation of God's peace. I pray for continued strength and peace for this family. They are truly a blessing. I was tremendously blessed by their actions on Sunday. There are no words for what I felt. Simply amazing. I think of this song when I think of that moment:

The founder of our church was our "guest" speaker I guess you could say. It's weird saying guest! He spoke on perseverance, not giving up, having faith, not losing hope. When everything looks down, look to God, have faith, and stand firm on HIS promise, on HIS word! He spoke of the step of faith that they took to build our church building and Faith Academy. The property that our church and school sits on including the buildings is a multi-million dollar property. They had a ceremony and signed the LAST check over to the bank! Life Church is now DEBT FREE! How awesome is that?! This was the song that was played as soon as the check was signed! =)

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  1. Oh wow girl. That brought me to tears!! bless that family but also praise God for their faith in Him!!

    I miss ya on FB. Although I havea lot of extra time. LOL

    Good night:)