Monday, January 3, 2011

Bonjour Ya'll!

The week in review! Sorry I've been MIA! Busy busy holiday season! I should have vowed not to blog until it was over, but I felt compelled a few times! =) Here are a few pics, but all it will show me on my edit post page is the html format of the photo and not the photo itself, so I'm not going to do captions under them because I don't know which one is which! Anywho, the one with Keller and her sunglasses is at the mall.. crazy child! There are a couple from church, Keller and her frind Jillian and one just wandering the hall. Did you hear that Life Church is getting out of debt this year! HOW EXCITING!!! They are having the ceremony next Sunday where they will write the LAST check to the bank! I'm so thrilled at the endless possibilities that our church has and where we are going! =) There are a few from McGuires, where we took Caro for an irish lunch! YUM! Tyler made Keller a do-rag out of the was pretty funny! Then, Caro is teaching Keller bad habits! Sticking out her tongue! =) Then we took her bowling! It's been a week full! And another one on the way!!! =)

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