Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday!

Shortly after Tyler and I got married in July 2005, we moved out ot WEMO, also know as West Mobile, into our VERY FIRST HOUSE! We were so excited to seize the opportunity to become homeowners! We have the very best neighbors who have become some fabulous friends! We have attemplted many home DIY projects since we weren't "rollin' in the dough" and since we were freshly married! One of our first was to tear down the dreaded, devlish wallpaper in the kitchen! I.HATE.WALLPAPER. with a passion! You'll see why shortly... Anywho, matching the "blonde" colored cabinets made choosing a complimenting color very difficult. I love red, so that's where I started! I'm not much on bright or stand-out colors on walls, but what the heck! It's paint! It can be re-done, right?!! My hubby tends to think I'm slightly psychotic when it comes to painting! If I had my choice I would paint everything once a year! He says eventually after all the paint layers we're going to begin losing our square footage! lol! So, here's a look at the front of our house shortly after we purchased it, and the process of wallpaper removal! There's nothing like starting a project like this only a couple of days before you are to host a party at your house! Talk about motivation!!!

me sitting atop the refrigerator tearing it down!

This was my grandparents dining room suite that I inherited. Loved it, but it was slowly but surely falling apart, Tyler couldn't fit his legs under it, it was beginning to slant, etc etc etc.. So after much deliberation, we decided to sell it.. My mom finally convinced me that Nana wouldn't want me to have something that wasn't functional for our family.. Ok, so no more guilt trip! lol! We opted for a bar height table with 6 chairs and we love it! (and if Keller colors on it I won't DIE!) =)

The process---

All done and a few years later! I think it turned out pretty good! We eventually put down new flooring too and I love how it looks with the red! Now, if we end up staying in the house for a considerable amount of time I might consider the countertops next, but I have a feeling that we'll be moving in the next couple of years.

I almost forgot! This little guy joined our family the day we were tearing down wallpaper! We named him Skillet because when he was laying in the yard he looked like a big black skillet! Genius I tell ya! =) He showed up at our house, it was cold out that day, we put signs up for weeks and got no response so he became our new pet! Skillet was with us for a few years, and we ended up losing him suddenly last year to some sort of heart attack. He was a great dog that LOVED being petted! Miss that sweet thing!


  1. Oh, wow! That looks awesome! I hate wallpaper, too!

  2. Niiiiice! I love the paint color you choose. I HATE wallpaper too!

  3. Looks good girlfriend!!

    Sorry about your sweet puppy:(

    Thanks for linking up!

    Did you break the bank with the Lenny & Eva sale?? What did you get?


  4. Oh gosh, I despise wallpaper! I'm loving the color you chose!

    Thanks so much for linking up!