Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seriously ya'll... I've neglected this blog like crazy the past couple of weeks.. =( Sorry guys! Mardi Gras is a busy time for us, even if we do only go to 2 parades! Ha! Nah, works been busy too... I'm ready to get back in my groove! I don't like being off of my daily routine, unless I'm feeling dandelion(ish) --you know, just floating along like a dandelion in the wind! =)

Anywho, I trust you've all had a good couple of weeks!

I'm slightly saddenned that I didn't get to sign up for Mamarazzi's swap.. =( Oh well, maybe next time.. I got pre-approved and EVERYTHING! Bleh..

The Festival of Flowers is coming up SOON!! I'm participating as a vendor with my mom and 2 other artists! I'm super duper excited because this will be my very first "show!" I'll be debuting my new line of frames that will be available for order! Woohoo! I've gotta get busy though! Seriously.. But I do my best work when I have a quickly approaching deadline! yeah yeah... lol! So, if you live in Mobile, stop by our tent and visit! The dates are March 24-27th! I'll be there all day Saturday and Sunday and Friday afternoon! I'd love to meet you!

It's a busy season at the White House! Spring is CUH-RAZY for us! First of all we like to be on the go when it's nice out, secondly my photog biz is much busier, and all in all we like the craziness of the season! Lots of grill outs, parties, art shows, photo shoots, birthdays, etc etc... Spring is near!! Can you tell I'm excited!?!?

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