Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If you're thinking about pics with live bunnies...

This time last year... we were in the ER getting stitches in Keller's toe. We took her to have her pictures taken by a local photographer at the botanical gardens. We got her all dressed up in her easter "get up" and Tyler and I along with his mom and step dad went to get them done! We got there, she did a couple of shots, then asked if we'd like to have some done with the live bunnies. So, I thought, sure! Why not? I've seen this done hundreds of times! They're pretty cute when they're outdoors and not in a "studio setting." Right? WRONG.
The stupid bunny bit one of her big toes. blood was gushing out of it, I looked at it and we ran to the bathroom, washed it out, bled it out really good, applied pressure. Took her to the pediatricians office at SMH and they sent us directly to the ER. She had 4 stitches in that precious little toe... She was an absolute trooper! She cried when they did the numbing shot, but that's about it! The doctor sid it it would have been any other of her toes than the big one, it would be gone. No toe. =/
The bad thing about the timing of it all was that she had just found her toes and was loving playing with them. She also loved "tummy time." Well, that put an end to all of that... She couldn't be on her tummy (per the ER doc) in fear that she'd bust the stitches. We had to keep it bandaged and keep a sock on her foot at all times. No shoes either..
Anywho, before this gets too long and drawn out, (because I could talk about it for days) I'll stop... The photographer ended up paying all of her medical bills to say the least. But she still wanted me to BUY the pictures! Seriously??!! I mean, not just no, but HECK NO! I really don't want to remember that day! HELLO!!!! Ok, so here are some pics..

Sitting waiting our turn to get pics taken

In the ER, palying with anything that would keep her attention off that toe.

While they were stitching..

At the Festival of Flowers last year..note the sock.. =(

Tyler being goofy one morning.. He sent me this at work!

Getting her stitches taken out at the dr's office. (and when I sent the photog the final bill for having the stitches removed she said something to the effect of "why didn't you just remove them yourself?" OMGEEEEE people... )

Seriously, don't take pics with live rabbits, unless you intend to make rabbit stew.


  1. Okay, we are so alike...I have a photo of GG on the same bench at FOF or at least one that looks just like that! Great minds!


  2. She is a cutie. I can't beleive the photographer said that.