Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend recap and HTT!

This morning on the way to Gannah's house! I swear she's under there somewhere!


Ok, so we don't have a garage.. My hubs says the crap that should be in a garage is sporadically placed all over our house/yard/shed. LOL! Anywho, here's where we park our cars! Ha! I'm sad that I was quickly snapping this iphone pic this morning and I didn't get the wreath on the side door in it! =/ Oh well.. It's cute, take my word for it! =)

Here's our front door decor. Do you remember me telling you about the sign lady? Yeah, well, this is what I got at the Fairhope art show!

Working and being at the Festival of Flowers for 4 days really doesn't do anything good for my wallet.. =/ Here are a few things that I purchased! =)

A lady from Zimlich's gave Keller this little yellow flower as we were walking by =)

This is where my recipe for this Friday will come from! (hopefully) =)

Check out this awesomeness that my mom got me! LOVE! I think it will adorn our pack patio as soon as T will hang it! And you can't go to the Festival of Flowers without taking a few pics of the FLOWERS...

Here's me! lol

And a couple of pics of my frame display!

Happy Tuesday ya'll!


  1. Wow, some great finds! I love that chandelier too!

  2. ohhhhhhhh that Chandelier.... please tell me that is the package you said you were sending me!! PLEASE! Tell momma next time, she needs to make sure I don't want one:)

    I just made my wreath for Easter for my front door. Thats gonna be part of my WW post :P

    Thanks for linking up...I agree, a garage is just an extra storage facility for sure,ha


  3. I can't wait to read your recipe - it's gotta be good if it comes from a book called "Sunday in the South!"

    Love, Love, LOVE that chandelier!

  4. It is too funny about your hubs comment. I guess it is true though, where else are you storing your crap?? LOL! I am loving that address sign. And your gallery of frames is awesome :)

  5. The bunny sign is to cute. And I totally get your hubs comment because I don't have a garage either and i have stuff stored everywhere