Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A whoppin' 28 pounds!

What a day!!! It started out at the doctors office for Keller's 15 month check up, where she looks great, weighs 28 pounds and is 31" long and got 3 booster shots! This sweet girl is growing like a WEED!!! We sure do like Dr. Kat! I'm so thankful that Tyler went with us on this trip! =) I thought she was going to fuss because Keller still isn't walking on her own, but she didn't! She said it won't be long and she'll be waking all over the place! Keller got to wear one of her appliqued shirts from Smitten today! Too cute! Anywho, we grabbed some lunch at Zoe's Kitchen afterwards where Keller perked right up after those nasty shots! Such a trooper! Then it was off towards the house since it started raining and it's no fun to drag a toddler in and out of the car in the rain... We stopped to vote on the way home where Keller sat on my leg like an angel! We hung out at the house and cleaned a little, then when it got a little sunny we just had to get out! We hit a few stores then off to Big Time Diner to eat with my parents who wanted to surprise my sister of whom was waiting tables for her first night ever! She did a great job by the way! Go see her and leave a big tip! (her name is Lindsay) ;-) Now we're home and just hanging out watching the election results. Fun stuff! =/ Hope you guys have a fab night!

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