Monday, November 22, 2010

The weekend in review:

These are in no particular order and are all from my iPhone! Yes, I have a nice camera, but for everyday stuff, the phone is MUCH more handy! =) Enjoy!

Hardy enjoying Keller's flower pillow... He's supposed to be a manly dog.. guess not! Ha! kidding Tyler, only kidding! It's just much more comfy than the smashed flat bed that he currently has. Bless his heart!! =)
Keller playing in the leaves at Cathedral Square after we visited the market and had some breakfast! Lindsay ever so blessed me by watching her while I did a photo shoot!

Kissy fishy! Being silly at Spot of Tea!

self explanatory! =)

playing in the square

Sunday morning bed head!

Sunday lunch with Paw Paw, Blake and Holly at Olive Garden! Such a big girl coloring!

Wrapped around daddy's finger, er I mean neck!

New from the Dauphin Island Holiday Art show!
This is a pic of the soup recipe I posted last Tuesday! I was craving it after I posted the recipe!

I have THE BEST clients! Lookie what one brought me! YUM-O!

A new T. Keller for my kitchen! Love it!

And another one! Woohoo!! Mooooooo!!!
Got this at the DI art show too! L.O.V.E
My sweet Hardy cheesin for the camera! You can tell he's still a puppy... look how he's sitting!
Cracks me up!

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