Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Well, the Christmas boxes were neglected once again so mommy could watch Nemo with Keller! =)
My weeknights are normally full of feeding the family, cleaning up a bit, and relaxing. My weekends are when I hop on the cleaning train! However, tonight I'm gonna try to get things straightened up and the living room re-arranged to put our Christmas tree up! This is year 2 with an artificial tree.. I like it and I don't like it! I like it in the sense that we can get it out and put it up whenever and leave it up without worrying about watering it so it lives through Christmas, and we don't have to go pick one out! I don't like it because there's no Christmas tree scent.. I guess I'll have to order some frasier fir scentsy wax! lol! Anywho, I'm gonna try to get it up soon!

Check this out! Link up with Flip Flops & Pearls and show off your decor and share a recipe! I'm really looking forward to this! Gotta clean the house though! lol! It's really not that bad.. There are just toys everywhere!

Here are a few photos of last night!

Keller squishing eating her grean beans or "bean beans" as she calls them!

Hardy sleeping on a pillow.. spoiled dog.

Some pretty fantastic stir fry!

Hardy visiting Keller while she takes a bath! (I really wish I would have video taped this..hysterical!)

Our Thanksgiving cards from Shutterfly came in!

And one from today! My amaryllis! I'll post as it grows! =) And I'm about to plant some paperwhites!

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