Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Playing catch up~ Halloween 2010!

We spent this Halloween in Brandon/Ridgeland, MS with Tyler's side of the fam! We had agreat time! We went up for JoJo's (Tyler's Aunt) 50th surprise birthday party! Keller slept for a little bit on the way up, therefore she didn't sleep well at all that night.. She went to sleep at 2 AM! AHH!! That makes for a long night.. We got up the next morning and she and I set off to shop! We only had a couple of hours before the party so we went to
Smitten in Ridgeland and I think that was the only shopping I needed to do! LOVED that place! They had a little bit of everything! I got my first Lenny & Eva bracelet which I love and a "t" for my waxing poetic necklace, an adorable Christmas outfit for Keller (because she must have one for every day of December), a few appliqued shirts for her, a birthday gift for my sister, and 2 Christmas gifts! (and some other miscellaneous jewelry.. ;) Must I say it again, I LOVED THAT STORE! We got back just in time to welcome JoJo to the party, take a few pics before the guests started trickling in and play with Keller a bit. The party was fun, the cake was adorable, the tears and fellowship were real.. =) Such a joy!

After the party was all cleaned up, we all headed outdoors for Elliott to carve his pumpkin! he did a great job! Keller also got to ride in the yellow VW bug! (that use to be E's!) We hung out for a while and then pack everything up and headed to JoJo's to trick or treat in their neighborhood! Everyone was so nice and made sure to include Keller in the treats! Her favorites were 2 boxes of nerds a lady gave her so she could shake them! That's all she did the rest of the ride in her wagon! (Thank goodness JoJo still had E's old wagon!!) Then it was time to go home and see if KB would sleep! NADA! Another sleepless night.. Anywho, we got up, ate breakfast, Tyler took Hardy to the reservoir to swim and play, Pam rode Kell around in her bug and I packed up all of our stuff so we could hit the road soon. We grabbed some lunch at P.F. Changs and shopped around Renaissance for a bit, and then off to sweet home Alabama! All in all it was a fantastic weekend!

I'll post more pics later, this computer is being ridiculous... =)

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