Monday, November 22, 2010


Ok, so I haven't posted in a little less than a week.. I hate when I go that long! Anywho.. Who's decorating for Christmas already??!! Some people wonder why some put their decorations up before Thanksgiving and "skip" Thanksgiving. Well, I don't necessarilly think of it as "skipping Thanksgiving." To me it's about atmosphere, aesthetics, the beauty and joy of everythin red and green! I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME! I love the music, the lights, the tree farms, etc etc... I'm not skipping Thanksgiving! I walk in thankfulness year round! To my family, my Savior, my friends.. As far as the decorating goes, what the heck are you supposed to decorate for thanksgiving with?! I'm not a huge fan of pilgrim statues and such... I keep my pumpkins and scarecrow at my front door until thanksgiving, yes, I spare my neighbors until the day after at least! Yes, my mantle is decorated except for the stockings and yes, the tree is planning to be up tonight! We have company coming the day after thanksgiving through the weekend and the boxes of Christmas decor is piled to the roof in the spare bedroom! I guess that means I'll have to put it all out so the boxes can go back in the attic! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! =) Anyway, I'm thankful to say the least! I'm thankful for my family! I have a PRECIOUS little girl that couldn't be any sweeter and cuter! I have a wonderful husband who backs me 100% in all of my endeavors and is there for me every step of the way! I have a fantastic set of parents that raised me right and continue to pour their heart and souls into my life! I have a fabulous sister that I can always lean on and I'm pretty sure she feels the same way and that dyes her hair every other day! (if you don't stop you're gonna look like maw maw did that time with purple hair!) I have great inlaws that will let me talk their ears off every afternoon on the way home, who can come over and watch a ball game and I don't have to clean my house and who love us unconditionally! I could go on forever! I am a BLESSED woman! Ok, so now that I'm teary eyed... Ha!

Enough with all that! Try some chocolate covered bacon! It will change your life! ;-)

Week 6 of my diet schmiet! 20 pounds lost! Yes, you read it right! The big 2 - 0! WAHOO!

See you tomorrow for Home Tour Tuesday with Flip Flops and Pearls and Webbisodes! It's 2 things you're thankful for! Link-up on FF&P's site!

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