Monday, June 15, 2009

Another day for you and me in paradise...

The weekend was fabulous, this morning...well, not so much...

I had my last 2 baby showers this past weekend and got lots of great things for Keller! It's so exciting getting things for her! Now I understand a little why moms and dads put themseleves on the back-burner, so to speak, to provide for their kids. And she's not even here yet! Geez... We don't have much longer! She's still kicking like crazy! Pam, Tyler's mom, came and cleaned our house this past weekend, which was a huge blessing! I get tired from simply sweeping the floors, not to mention my back aches to stand for too long.

This morning I woke up and my entire right arm was numb. There was nothing I could do to wake it up or get the blood flowing good, but wait. Tyler helped me get dressed and ready for work. Sweet, huh? =) It's better now, just my fingertips are numb from writing and typing today. I'm trying to decide when I want to start working just half days or just a few days a week or not at all... hmmm.... decisions, decisions... It's difficult enough to get up and down out of a chair, my fingers go numb when I type or write, I'm exhausted all the time again now, just like the first trimester. It sure would be nice to look forward to a relaxing weekend, but I know that's not gonna happen. We have our birthing class this Saturday from 8-3:00. That STINKS!!! Some people think we're crazy for taking it since I've opted for an epidural, however, I have a feeling I'm gonna need all the help I can get this first go 'round! Oh, and we're supposed to be going to see Steely Dan at the Wharf with my parents for Father's Day this Friday night. Maybe I should take all day friday off so Ican sleep all day and actually be coherent for the concert! I've been told that we will be sitting on bleachers.. That, my friends, is not pregnancy-friendly... =( Let's just hope I survive! I wonder if they have video monitors or speakers in the bathrooms? That would be nice, since that's where I'm sure I'll spend half the concert.. Oh the joys!

Well, Dad just walked in with some Snickers ice cream bars, so I think I'll take a break and chow down! Tootles!!


  1. I didn't know you blog! Look forward to reading! Have fun these last few days before she comes!!! Can't wait to see her pictures!

  2. Hey Jen !!!

    Can you give me your adress ? No baby shower is not over yet, I've a surprise from France for you and baby Addelyn ;-)))

    Hope you hanging out, I now that time must be so long for you now... But you're almost there now !

    I don't miss a thing of our blog, very good idea !!!

  3. Rachael, I'm trying to have fun...she's wearing me out! This is my first attempt to blog! So far it's been pretty fun!

    Hey Caro! My address is:
    9631 Firethorn Drive
    Mobile, AL 36695

    I'm excited! Not too much longer! =)