Wednesday, June 10, 2009

People Crack Me Up!

Ok, so apparently I've "dropped." Whatever the heck that means... My neighbor came over Saturday while I was outside painting the bookshelf and told me she thought I'd dropped. And that's totally fine, I see her a lot! However, since then, 3 other people have told me the same thing! Total strangers, mind you! A lady standing beside me at the Target return desk, a lady in the restroom at Atlanta Bread Company, and a cashier at Target! What the heck?! I've never even seen these people before! Maybe it's abnormal to look like I do! I dunno...

Anyway, the doctor's visit went well yesterday. All he did was the typical blood pressure, pee in a cup and measure the belly. I go back in 2 weeks. Then it's once a week after that... yuck..

I have 2 showers this weekend that I'm super excited about! It's so fun getting things for Keller! I can't wait to get her furniture in so we can get everything in it's place! For now, her closet is stacking up, which reminds me...I need to take a picture of it and put it on here! Ya'll would get a kick outta that! I'm really glad I finished that bookcase so now I have something to put some of her things on! I hope the folks coming to the shower on Sunday aren't disappointed in her room! The picture I'm posting with this entry is the furniture we have on order. Love it!


  1. Dad and I were talking about how you look like you've "dropped" the other day! LOL! Good thing....means she's settling down lower in the pelvis. She's gettin ready to get outta there!

  2. I sure hope so! That means I'll be able to breathe again! I have 2 pair of pants I can still wear because of this nonsense! GRR!! =)