Monday, June 8, 2009

I gotta case of the blah's...

The weekend went well! Tyler got the living room painted and I sanded and painted a bookshelf to go in Keller's room (It was hot, after every side I painted my hand went numb, so I took 4 naps while attempting to finish!) Tyler thought it was pretty funny that he finished painting the living room in the time it took me to paint that shelf! I started feeling a little yucky this weekend, but hopefully it's only my sinuses and not a funky cold. I don't have time for a cold right now! I went to a friends baby shower on Sunday and listened to everyone ooh and ahh over boy stuff, and all I could think about was "man, I'm glad I'm having a girl! Girl stuff seems to be so much cuter!" That's terrible isn't it?! My mom hosted the shower and did a fabulous job as usual! I woke up this morning feeling yucky again, so I slept in and took it easy getting ready for work. Thank goodness I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Maybe he'll tell me I can take something besides Tylenol. That stuff stinks! It does absolutely no good for me.. grrr... I'm glad I came in today though! I got a lot done at work. It wasn't the typical busy Monday, it was actually kinda quiet for a change!

Pam and Pat, Tyler's mom and stepdad are coming in town this Thursday, I think. They're supposed to stay with us through the weekend and come to the showers. Well, Pam anyway! Pat and Tyler, well, let's just say boys will be boys.. I have no clue what they'll be up to!

Oh yeah! We got Keller's stroller and her pack 'n play Friday night! It's so exciting getting stuff for her! Her stroller is absolutely adorable! It's green and tan with all different color polka dots on it! It's on of the combo thingys that have the stroller and carseat. Tyler put the car seat in my car last night and I didn't know it. Well, I got in the car this morning and turned around to check for traffic and it scared me! Something to get used to! I'm assuming the stroller is in the trunk, lol! I got a closet organizer at babies r us Friday and started putting her closet together. This child needs a walk-in closet already! She has so many clothes!

Well, it's quittin' time!

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  1. LOL! Polka Dots! Imagine that! Like mother, like daughter! Oh, by the way, you don't have a "trunk" anymore!