Monday, June 29, 2009

Nearing the finish line!

Gotta love those doctors visits! OMG! And they have to do that every time I go in now until she’s born! GOOD LORD! I hope she comes before next Tuesday! That was painful! I now, I know…TMI… =) Everything went good at the doctor. Our next appointment is next Tuesday, at which I will have another ultrasound to determine her size and weight. Doc says depending on how big she is I may have to have a C-section. Yuck! However, whatever’s best for her! They also went ahead and scheduled to induce on the morning of the July 13th. Our ultrasound tech seems to think she’ll be here way before then! YAY!! She originally set us for the 11th, and when we told her the 13th today she looked at us like we were crazy! I told her we scheduled an ultrasound for next Tuesday and she said that she could possibly be here before then, since I’ve “dropped.” There we go with that word again! Lol.. The full moon is on the 7th of July, so we’ll see!

Anyways, another subject please! We finished the nursery!! The furniture arrived safe and sound and the guys got it all put together, then we got to play! Re-arrange and hang pictures and wash her clothes and put them away, etc, etc, etc! It was quite fun! Ok, so my fingers are getting numb, so that's it for today! More to come!

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