Thursday, June 4, 2009

Soon to become a family of 3!

Wow... Excitement, nervousness, joy, and peace... How can you feel all of this at once is what I've been asking myself for the past week. A baby...I repeat, a BABY is on the way! Baby Keller to be exact! Pregnancy has been such an interesting yet semi-frightening experience! I'm not an overly dramatic person, I take things as they come, and I'm not really a worrier. In fact, when we make our routine trips to the doctor to check on baby Keller, I think Tyler asks more questions than I do! However, this could stem from my ever-severe case of "baby brain," as I hear it's called. We are truly excited about the upcoming arrival of our baby girl! I had my first baby shower this week, hosted by my moms fabulous girlfriends, and I think it's all finally starting to sink in...

There was so much to be done and I think our "to-do list" is finally starting to dwindle down! Thank goodness since we don't have a whole lot of time left! Tyler got the nursery and the guest bedroom painted and we got the wood floors installed in both rooms! That's about the extent of what's done in her room. Her furniture is on order and may get here shortly after she's born, especially if she tries to make her grand appearance before July 11th! We have a few things to hang on the wall and a couple of pieces of furniture that were Tyler's when he was younger that we're going to try to paint this weekend (weather permitting..). If we at least get that done, maybe I'll feel a little better about things coming together! We found a rocker/recliner on our recent excursion to Jackson, MS for Tyler's birthday! That was his first gift to him, for her!

I have 2 showers coming up next weekend that I'm so excited about! One is being hosted by my parents neighbors and the other by some lovely friends at church! That one's at my house (so everyone could see the nursery), hopefully they won't be too disappointed since it will be practically empty! Her furniture is definitely worth the wait though! It's the Ravenna collection by Creations. BEAUTIFUL!! I'm really excited about it and can't wait to see it all put together!

Okay, so now that I feel like I'm rambling... I'm heading out to dad and Tyler's birthday dinner at Macaroni Grill! But I think I'll stop by Babies R Us first... =) It's an addiction! Ciao!


  1. As I've said so many times! Me too! Me too! My jaw hurts from grinning when I think about it! I've gotta get over the polka dot frenzy.... mom

  2. Great idea !!!!! Even i'm far away i can follow it, I'm so happy ;-)))