Friday, June 5, 2009

There's a roly poly in my belly!

Somehow, through the hustle and bustle of a normal workday, .....scratch's Friday! Nothing's normal about Friday's! Anyway, through the hustle and bustle of a workday, I seem to be absentminded enough to slightly "forget" I'm pregnant. I sit at my computer to type a quote, respond to an email or update my facebook status and all of a sudden I feel a Judo chop from Keller at my right rib, then if to say, "Hey mom, scoot back from that desk some, you're squishing me!" Then, as a scoot back, as if I already didn't feel productive enough, I catch a view of the rest of my desk... watermelon, bottled water, babies r us coupons, and a fan. Now, how in the world could I have, for a second, forgotten about her! I have never felt anything like I feel now. It's the most incredible feeling! I'm sure you guys that have had kids are thinking to yourself, "yeah, well wait to you hold her for the first time!" I'm sure that will push me over the top!! However, the feeling now is indescribable. Sometimes it seems more pleasant than others. For instance, when she simply kicks or rolls over it's fine, when she decides to scrape her bony little elbow down my stomach or bury her butt in my ribs, well, that's another story! For the most part, I've enjoyed being pregnant. Overcoming the nausea in the beginning was a bit of a struggle, but since that's over it's been a pretty good road to travel! I haven't had any complications to speak of, and that in itself is the ultimate blessing. She seems to be growing at a normal pace! The ultrasound tech said at our first ultrasound that she was going to be long and lean with big feet! Now, how she could tell when Keller's the size of a string bean, I have no clue, but to this day she's stuck to her word! I still deal with the everyday weird feelings, like numb fingers, swollen ankles, a blotchy complexion, and the ever-growing belly. Which reminds me! I have had some of the funniest comments in the past couple of days! One of our customers that hasn't been here in a few weeks came in and was floored! He looked at me with an uncertain grin and said "Good God girl! You look like you're about ready to have that baby!" And then, last night in Target, we're walking down one of the aisles and a little boy that was walking with his mom looked at me, then looked at her and said "She has a big 'ol belly mama! Is she havin a baby?" His mom just smiled and nodded. I can't wait to hear what kind of crazy things Keller is going to say! We'll definitely have to be careful with our imitations of people that we do all the time.. I can see her going to school or daycare talking like Carla Tate from The Other Sister! Ok, well, enough for today! I'll be back next week! It's Friday guys! It's Friday!!!

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  1. Haha...poor Keller. She's not gonna know which personalitys which. Im so happy, I felt her kick!! Hehe as dad says KARAT-A CHOP!! :)