Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dreaming of warm weather...

Last summer, our family took a trip to Key West! By family, I mean mom, dad, sister, me, hubs, Keller and sisters friend... all in my Tahoe. Yes, we drove, ALL.IN.ONE.CAR. FOR.18.HOURS. We did, however, break up the trip and stop in Tampa for a day at Busch Gardens. So, here's a few pics from the trip! I just realized I never posted any, anywhere! What's wrong with me??! =)

K at the beach

K at Blue Heaven having the BEST banana pancakes ever!

Papa and K dancing in Mallory Square as we wait to watch the sunset

K sitting with her daddy at the pier at Mallory Square

Papa and K at Busch Gardens

K during the drive on the way down. She loved her headphones!

K and daddy at Busch Gardens

LL Cool K!

A view of the sunset from our condo!

The days catch when we went fishing!
Oh, how I long for warm weather again! It's almost here!!!! Now hop over and link up with Daph at FF&P! -It wouldn't let me post the badge :(


  1. THAT BADGE....ugh, if I could throw it away, I would LOL....I don't know what the freak is the deal with that thing. I am about to email the girl who made it for me.

    Love the pics....I am so ready too girl. I am dying over here. Dying. Although yesterday was beautiful and warm and its cold again today... gotta love the south :p

  2. I adore Key West ~ Blue Heaven is yummy and I love the pic of K and her papa...so sweet!

    We haven't been since Nov. 2007 and I need my fix! Did you hit the Butterfly Santuary, she would love it!

  3. Look at that baby!!! She is sooooooo stinkin' adorable! I love her cheeks. I just want to kiss 'em!