Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday

Inca: years past...

As we approach Inca day, I thought I'd post some photos of years past! These are just a few of the dozens i have! If you are in mobile and do the "mardi gras thing" head on down this Friday, because we'll be at the boom boom!

Me and Lindsay with dad shortly before the parade loaded!

And again with dad after decorating their room for the ball

Keller last year at the room decorating!

I saw this on a moonpie last year!

I'll post more this week, but this is all I had on my phone!

Keller and I are spending the day roaming the town together!

Having some pizza at Bucks now!

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  1. OMGAWDDDDD Look at Kellers outfit! I am dying! How freaking cute! Where on earth did you find it? Tiny Town??
    Hope your having a good day. Gosh, I miss talking to you on facebook. We need to text! XOXO