Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday {little lovelies} a peak at Keller's room!

It's Home Tour Tuesday ya'll!! I love this! It's gives everyone an opportunity to take a peek into everyone's home that you may never get to meet in person, but feel like you've known for a lifetime in the blogosphere! Crazy huh?! Anywho, props to Daphne and Shannon for putting together such an awesome linky party!

Ok, so while uploading the pictures of Keller's room, I came across these pictures of when it was first coming together as we were waiting on her arrival! It was so much fun getting everything in order, but as soon as she came along all of the order changed for more efficient usage!
#1: IT'S CLEAN! =) (and the fenceboard frame still has pictures in it that came with the frame...) =/

Below is a picture my mom painted for Keller's nursery of (from l to r) George, GiGi and Fisher! These were Keller's first stufed animals that Tyler and I bought her! These 3 grew to have their own little personalities as Tyler and I geared up for Keller's arrival! George started the collection in December of 2008, a couple of short months after we found out we were having a baby!
And her bed! The small pillow was our ringbearers pillow in our wedding that my aunt made and monogrammed with a "W." For one of my baby showers, she also made Keller a pillow out of the same material with her initials!

Here it is now! The stuffed animal/toy laden room!

Ya'll I was 9 months preggo in June of 2009, outside in my driveway painting this bookshelf that used to be in my hubbys bedroom as a kid! The oak finish just didn't do it for me, so...green it was! I can't tell you how many neighbors came over to check on me in that period of about 3 hours! lol! The hubs was painting the living room at that time, and I wasn't too fond of the fumes, so I put myself to work! Everyone thought I was crazy, but I did it and it turned out great! This shelf houses toys, picture frames (that have yet to be filled..I know, bad mommy!), her jewelry box, etc..

Seriously, ya'll, this could be a bad thing! yes that dresser is FULL. I would show you the drawers with her shoes, but you'd laugh. It's just the top 2.. =)

We can't leave out the toys! =)

Chair, changing table (which is full of clothes as well..) and Hardy, of course! (see previous post)

I love original artwork! Have I told you that before??! The giraffe picture is Keller's growth chart painted by my mom! LOVE it!!! And above the light is a painting by Erin Fitzhugh Gregory that mom bought for Keller's room at one of the Fairhope art shows!

This is a poem my grandmother wrote for me when I was a little girl! A treasure!
And last bu not least! My little snuggle bug all snuggled up in her bed this morning!


  1. I love it all! The artwork, the green bookcase, the framed poem from your grandmother...just precious!

  2. I'm laughing because I have the same sort of pictures of my son's room before he was born. Everything had a place and it looked so perfect. Now my son's room is full of toys and all the things he loves just like your daughters!

    I love the story behind so many things in the room. What a great way to make the room special!

  3. That bookshelf is so cute! I love green! You have a cute little cuddle bug too!

    In June of 2009 I was 9 months prego putting together my glider, because I was too impatient to wait for Randy to do it for me! HA! Crazy pregnant ladies! HA!

  4. Okay, I am so annoyed with Blogger...it's been giving me fits all day. Sorry if my other comment shows up but I am lovin' your hardwood floors. We have hardwoods but not in the bedrooms (one day maybe).

    Also love the green bookshelf!

    Now the weather is so nice we HAVE to get together for a playdate soon at the park!

    Thanks for linking up!


  5. Thanks for playing sista!

    I love K;s bed.....love it! Her room is so cute & cozy.

    I love that frame your sweet poem is in. How precious & what a treasure.

    Much Love to you & send some to your momma :)

  6. Super cute room! I love your furniture choice...the crib is beautiful!