Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday: {Whatcha' Watchin'?}

Welcome to the White House!
Here is where we spend the majority of our time! I LOVE that it's open to the kitchen so I can keep up with Keller as I'm cooking dinner, cleaning, etc.. So, here's a peek into our living room! Can you tell I like red and green??!

Keller's corner!
Now, go click some pics and link up!


  1. Hello Girlfriend~
    I must first tell you how nice my Fluer attachment looks:) It will be on tomorrows post!!
    Love that room! The color is great and I am loving that black shelf housing all the books....LOVE! It's so cozy & inviting!!
    I hope your day is blessed ♥

  2. Definitely an inviting room! I like your color scheme!

  3. Hey girl! Love the red couch and K's chair, just like Sweet Bean's! Our girls are so similar but of course it helps that their mommas both have such great taste! Haha!

    Happy Tuesday and thanks for linking up with us!

  4. Ha Ha! I see four pieces of mom's art showcased!!

  5. It looks so comfy. I love the green polka dot chair for your daughter.