Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun Phone Photo Friday

Fun Phone Photo Friday
Okay... So 40 photos will work huh?? Lol!

Weathers looking good for inca day!!

Enjoying her moonpie Wednesday in Cathedral Square

Her first REAL ponytail!!! :-D

Front shot!

Mardi gras came to my desk today! Dad does this to everyones desk the day before his parade rolls!

We got a package people!!

The frames came in yesterday!!! More pics to come next week!!! So dang excited!!

Dad tried on his costume to make sure everything was kosher! Keller thought it was pretty cool! She likes the feathers best!

Happy Friday y'all!! Have a blessed weekend! Don't forget to go link up with Daphne for the recipe swap!! The ones she posted today look DIVINE! :-)

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  1. Great phone pics this week. Love the 'real ponytail' and that bow is great :) Shannon and I host a Phone Photo Friday...not sure she was able to link up today. Have a great weekend :)