Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today has been great! For the most part we were all at home enjoying each other! What more could I have asked for?! Keller has her appetite and a little of her sass back! ;-) I'm kidding! She's such a sweet girl! Fever free, vomit free, and she's off to sleepytown now! We spent a few hours out in the front yard today and visited with our wonderful neighbors and played on our picnic blanket. We then came in and whipped up some lunch for all of us before Tyler got home from church. He walked in and the chicken was ready to hit the grill! The sauteed okra was almost done, the biscuits were about to come out of the oven and the lima beans were simmering! He finished the chicken and the only thing that made the meal even more fabulous was the sweet potato butter my mom made last week! OMG! It was soooo good!

Check out the recipe here:

We visited a while with my sister who stopped by for a bit and then it was off to the grocery store for me! It's been a while since I've grocery shopped without Keller! It was a bit strange! Oh, how I love that girl! I came back and fixed us a turkey sandwich and everyone is about to be off to bed! I'm currently downloading all of the pictures from my mini sessions yesterday! Can't wait to get to work on those! We had a blast! But for now, I'm off to bed! Lots to do tomorrow at the office! G'nite guys!

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