Thursday, October 7, 2010

Say Cheese!!!

Those of you who know me know I love, love, love to take pictures! I love to capture every little detail of every little thing. My husband upgraded my Nikon D40 to the Nikon D5000 a year or so ago and I absolutley love that thing! I took pictures of everything! People, architecture, nature, etc, ect.. I, about 6 months ago, ventured out to start a small "business" called Soulshine Gallery. I have done many portraits and a couple of weddings so far and although it's a "job" it's been fun so far! I'm very much a "people-person" so that makes things a little easier. I have a lot of encouragement from friends and family, so I push on full speed ahead! I actually have 7 mini sessions scheduled for this Saturday! It's be a fun and exhausting day! I pray this passion and hobby never turns out to be something I dread.. Which reminds me, I really need to take a few more of Keller before she turns 2! lol! I rarely take good pictures of's normally with my iPhone! (some of those are priceless though!) You should check out my photography blog!! (it's on facebook too!)

Ya know... It's really a huge release to blog.. It makes me feel better after I do. I don't know why.. I guess to know that one day my family can look over it and smile at my happy moments and cry through my sad ones! =) I'm thinking of posting a list of "things that make me smile!" It just makes me happy thinking about it! Also...I was thinking about this last night and thought it would be different and potentially really fun! A purse swap! Everyone would bring a purse that you no longer use, but that you wouldn't mind still using (not something raggedy) and it would be kind of a "dirty santa" game thingy to swap them! Like I said, something different and fun! What do you think? Would you be game? Leave a comment here or email me at to let me know what you think! It would probably take place on a week night maybe next month!
Peace and Blessings!


  1. Oh Heck Yeah!!! I have several nice ones I don't use but don't wanna toss. I'm in!

  2. Oops!! Didn't realize I was signed in on the gallery blog! It's me mom!!