Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last nights weather here in Mobile was CRAZY! Thankfully it all started in the wee hours of the night, but nonetheless I was awake.. We went to our Dave Ramsay class at church, had to skip out to take a couple of shots of a sweet family that's moving away.. =/ But it's for a fabulous opportunity, so I wish them all the best! Then on to San Miguels with another sweet couple that we always have a few laughs with! Keller decided she wanted to play the drums on the table with the silverware so I'm not sure if we'll ever be invited to dinner with them again.. Ha! just kiddin... =) Then home where the child fell asleep at 10:45!!! WHAT!!!!! Hallelujah! She's a night owl like Tyler and I, so I can't say much.. She's such a sweet girl! Then at 3:30....she woke up SCREAMING. I think it was a bad dream.. She was laying on her back, and she H.A.T.E.S that. Anywho, I rocked her back to sleep then KABOOM! The house shook! And it all started.. I woke up, she didn't. I put her in the bed with us in fear that if I put her in her bed that she would wake up. So, she snuggled up to Tyler and off to sleepyland! We all slept great from there on out! I didn't have to be at work until mid day since mom was going to the dr, so I went and got me a little somethin somethin.. =) Feast your eyes... LOVE IT.. the K is obviously for Keller, they didn't have a T... Maybe next time! Off to go pick up KB, then to Target for groceries! My FIL is bringing dinner tonight so I don't have to cook!


  1. OK, so I post it in the wrong place! LOL! After watching Franklin and his parade of friends on TV, Keller and I started playing drums on the bottom of the tupperware bowls! Ha Ha! The things she learns at gramma's!

  2. Ha! I guess I better move all of mine to a bottom cabinet! =)