Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello, my name is....

HARDY! We decided on Hardy instead of Tucker, Bentley or Quimby.. We tossed around a bazillion names but none of them really fit him! We're excited about this sweet boy joining our little family! He's very playful, but calm when he needs to be! He's slept by our bed for the past couple of nights without getting up for anything! (i.e. peeing on the floor!) YES! He layed on the bathroom floor while Keller played in the tub and layed on her rug while I was getting her ready for bed.. I think he's going to be great with her! I think we did the right thing when we decided to surpass the real puppy stage.. I know he's still a puppy, but he's old enough to start learning everything he needs to know! Good call dad (Tyler)! =) I really couldn't be happier with him! He does, however, have beg shoes to fill... We miss our Bailey so much.. Another reason we didn't name him Bentley is because it's just a little too close to Bailey. You'll be seeing lots more photos of him as time goes by! Can't wait to take some pics of him and Keller together!

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