Monday, October 4, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Well, today I found myself reading over the older entries of this blog and needless to say there were a lot of things that I missed out on writing about! It's kinda sad to me! I enjoyed reading about her milestones even before she was born! I MUST DO A BETTER JOB OF BLOGGING!

So... We had a fantastic weekend! The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I got to spend all weekend with Tyler and Keller! Woohoo!

To begin... Friday night Tyler, Keller and I went to eat dinner with some fabulous folks! Janet, Jamie, Garrett and Mary Claire! We all went to Rocky Creek Catfish in Lucedale! We had a great time and laughed our faces off! And I thought I was crazy!! =) Here's a picture of the gang courtesy of Garrett's phone!

Saturday we had brunch at Spot of Tea in Cathedral Square, then we went to scope out a new spot to do next Saturday's mini sessions since a wedding popped up at MBG.. This place is going to be fabulous though! I can just feel it! =) Then we went and got some PUMPKINS! Oh, I love thee!! Then off to Shoe Station where Mark met us to bless us with buying some shoes for us all! Then off to the house to get some dinner ready for the Bama game! But first, hang out outside and blow bubbles with Keller! She loved them! We had some fabulous steaks cooked by Chef Tyler! ...and Bama stomped on the Florida Gators! Roll tide!

Sunday was just a great! We went to the early service at church where Bro. Dick spoke about his new book "Season of Glory" (Can't wait to start reading it!) Then Keller and I went home and cooked some soup and had a picnic in the front yard! Tyler got home and joined us for an hour or so and then it was nap time! All of us crashed! Keller first though, sitting up playing with her toys! We then took a walk around the neighborhood and had some more soup! We then got to meet Lindsay's boyfriend, Carlton! Then off to sleepytown! Wow! after re-reading that we really did a lot this weekend!

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  1. You be bloggin' baby!!

    She is toooooo precious!!

    Hope your day is great sweets!