Friday, October 15, 2010

Some thing never change, but I will!

What a beautiful day it is! I so wish I had my camera in the car! I'm hoping to get some new portraits of Keller done this weekend.. It's been long enough! I have a great camera that was bought for the purpose of taking pictures of her, however I've used it more for others and it's time to back up a bit!! =) I love that sweet girl!

I had a revelation the other day... I was reading a parenting magazine and it was talking about your 14 month olds eating habits. It said that she should be able to eat little bits of what I was eating, just to make sure it was cut up well. My thought... I don't want her eating what I eat! I don't eat good! Revelation: Change your lifestyle/habits to reflect what you want your daughter to grow up doing/eating, etc... WOW... So, with that being said, last Friday it all started! I cut out the cokes/diet cokes to 1 a day, cut out the sugars except for fruits and the bread except for 3 single servings a day, eat more veggies, grilled foods, fruits, etc.. So far so good! I feel MUCH better! The exercise part is starting this week! This past week we got our new puppy, Hardy, so it's time to train him to walk on a leash! I'll keep you informed of my progress, but I'm really looking forward to this being a new beginning for the White house!

Until next time... Have a great weekend!

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