Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Finally Friday! (and gettin' close to quittin' time!)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday! It's after lunch and we get outta here at 4:00 on Fridays! Keller will be getting here around 3:00 so I'm pretty excited! All is well at the White house today! I think Keller may be over her crud or whatever has been wrong the past few days.. We think she's teething, but I think she may have had a touch of a virus on top of that or maybe too much drool mixed with her formula caused her to PROJECTILE vomit all over me last night! I always thought "I will throw up if she throws up on me!" I have a weak stomach when it comes to raunchy smells.. However, I did great! Applause!! I guess when your baby is going through something they've never really been through before it scares them and you feel helpless! Keller will be 15 months old next Wednesday and she hasn't thrown up/spit up since she was itty bitty! Thank you, Jesus! Soon after all of the mayhem she was smiling and laughing just as she was prior to! I'm so blessed to have such a happy baby girl! She woke up this morning fever free and happy as a lark! So, I'm guessing we'll have a fabulous weekend! The in-laws are coming in tonight and staying through the weekend, so we'll be busy! Saturday consists of mini photo sessions until 3:00 that I'm very much looking forward to! Other than that, I'll leave you on this note! Roll Tide! =)

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