Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pandora -- as in the jewelry...not the internet radio!

Lookie lookie what I started! I'm so excited to get my first Pandora bracelet started! I'm trying to keep it danglies or outlandish beads... that way I can wear it with everything and it won't be to casual or too dressy! So far so good! I was going to go for the leather band, but the girls at Objects said I could only put about 8 beads on it.. humph.. so I went for the classic silver instead! Here's to another adventure! =)Yesterday was absolutely beautiful on the gulf coast! I spent the day with Keller as we cleaned up the house and did a little galavanting around town! We decided on a whim to go visit Tyler (across the bay) and shop around the Eastern Shore Center for a bit. We also visited a couple of little shops in West Mobile.. First one being Marcie & Me on Dawes Road. I put Keller in her little umbrella stroller and we proceeded to shop...or so wo thought.. I could barely maneuver her around in the dang stroller!! I was planning to start my bracelet there, but when I walked in and boxes were all stacked in front of the display I thought twice. =/ They have cute things there! So..on with our adventure! We went across the street to Freckles! I found an adorable old green window that had been redone with chalk/cork boards! I'm planning to hang it in my kitchen to hang Keller's future fabulous artwork on!

It was then that we decided to hit the Eastern Shore Center! Objects over there is my all time favorite store in that area which is where I started my new fetish!! (I welcome other ideas as to where I should try next!) We visited Tyler while we were over there, then we decided Keller needed a short cat nap in the car, so we made the trek back over to Mobile where I needed to pick up my check from Kidz Klozet which was my first consignment adventure! I made over $500! Holy CRAP! I never expected that! Then off to Big Time Diner for dinner with Keller, mom and Tyler!

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